Say Hello to Tiny, Our Beautiful Baby Boy

by Craig Brelsford

Our chick has hatched. Our son, Tiny, was born at 10:08 a.m. 26 Oct. 2017 at Changning Maternity Hospital (长妇幼) in Shanghai.

At birth Tiny weighed 4080 grams (9 lbs., 8 斤 1 两). His length was 52 cm (20.47 inches).

Tiny’s beautiful mother, my wife Elaine Du, is doing well, having completed her 月子 or month of post-partum recuperation. Elaine’s sister Regina flew down from their home province of Heilongjiang and helped us.

Tiny is the nickname of Craig Eugene Brelsford II. We say “Tiny” instead of “Junior.”

Tiny’s Chinese name is 杜泰宁 (Dù Tàiníng). 杜 is Elaine’s family name. 泰宁 sounds like “Tiny” and is the name of the county in Fujian where the bird-rich mountain Emeifeng is located. Our 2015 Emeifeng trip is one of Elaine’s and my best birding memories.

Tiny’s first life bird was Japanese Tit, calling below our window at the hospital.

Elaine and I are happy beyond expression and deeply grateful.

Here are some photos from the first month of Tiny’s life. Wish Tiny well by leaving a comment below.

The Brelsford family
When my parents, sister, Elaine, and I posed for this picture in Debary, Florida on 12 Feb. 2017, little did we know that Elaine was already with child. (Craig Brelsford)
Elaine had a smooth pregnancy. Here we are on 21 Aug. 2017. We were about to have Elaine’s pregnancy pictures done at Mǎruìshā Értóng Shèyǐng (玛瑞莎儿童摄影). (Craig Brelsford)
tiny at birth
Tiny moments after birth, 26 Oct. 2017. Watching the birth of any child is moving; witnessing the birth of one’s own child is moving beyond words. (Craig Brelsford)
Daddy holding Tiny
Daddy holding Tiny the day after Tiny’s birth. (Elaine Du)
Tiny the thinker
Tiny the thinker ponders while Elaine his mummy beams. (Craig Brelsford)
Tiny the holy man
Tiny the holy man raises his hand to bless the world. (Craig Brelsford)
blue eyes
For the moment at least, Tiny has blue eyes, like Daddy. (Craig Brelsford)
Tiny passport
Tiny the little citizen poses for his U.S. passport photo. (Elaine Du)
Tiny in his crib
Tiny in his crib, 9 Nov. 2017. (Elaine Du)
photo studio
The crew from Mǎruìshā came on Day 8 and turned our guest room into a photo studio. They were very professional and did a great job. (Craig Brelsford)
Elaine & Tiny
Elaine showing Tiny cards with simple designs. (Craig Brelsford)
When Tiny is well-rested and has a full belly, then he is ready to learn, even at his young age. (Craig Brelsford)
Craig Eugene Brelsford holding Tiny
Craig Brelsford holding his baby son, ‘Tiny’ Craig Brelsford. (Elaine Du)
Sleep, Tiny
Sleep now, Baby Tiny, Mummy and Daddy will take good care of you. (Craig Brelsford)

Featured image: Craig Eugene Brelsford, known affectionately as Tiny, 8 days old. Photo by Mǎruìshā Értóng Shèyǐng (玛瑞莎儿童摄影).


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