Long-toed Stint


Welcome to shanghaibirding.com, a website dedicated to the study and celebration of the birds of Shanghai, Earth’s Largest City. Amid the daily activity of 25 million people in China’s economic heart, and despite unremitting environmental pressure, a rich collection of birds exists here. Parks in the urban center hold many species, but it is the areas along the East China Sea and mouth of the Yangtze River that show the most diversity, especially during migration season. Nearby coastal sites in Jiangsu and mountainous areas in Zhejiang add to the birding richness of the Shanghai region.

The goal of shanghaibirding.com is to connect you to the birds of Shanghai, China, and Asia, the more that you may enjoy and wish to preserve them. To that end, we offer you information on the best birding sites in Shanghai, reports on our expeditions in China, and Craig Brelsford’s Shanghai-centric Photographic Field Guide to the Birds of China, published in its entirety on this website.

With its commanding position near the center of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, Shanghai is more than an economic machine—it is also a green city, and a great birding metropolis. Let us, foreigners and Chinese alike, join together to “love-guard” (爱护) the birds of this region and the habitats on which they and we depend.

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Thank you for visiting, and happy birding.

Craig, Elaine, Tiny, and Phoebe

Featured Photo: Long-toed Stint Calidris subminuta, one of many species of shorebird that pass through Shanghai, Earth’s Largest City. (Craig Brelsford)

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