Fire-tailed Sunbird

Fire-tailed Sunbird
Fire-tailed Sunbird Aethopyga ignicauda ignicauda, male assuming breeding plumage, Baihualing, Gaoligong Mountains, Yunnan, China, elev. 1990 m (6,530 ft.), February. (Craig Brelsford)

Fire-tailed Sunbird Aethopyga ignicauda is mainly Himalayan resident, with nominate in southern Tibet, western Sichuan, and western Yunnan. HABITAT In summer to 4000 m (13,120 ft.), breeding in rhododendron bushes to tree line. Retreats to valleys in winter. ID & COMPARISON Male unmistakable, easily distinguished by the two elongated, scarlet-orange tail feathers that are as long as rest of body, which is itself larger than other Aethopyga sunbirds in China. The male sunbird most resembling male Fire-tailed is Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird A. gouldiae, but Mrs. Gould’s is noticeably smaller and has a blue tail. Nape and mantle scarlet, crown metallic blue, and lores and head-sides black. Throat purple, wings brownish-olive. Breast yellow with fire-orange glow on upper breast. Belly pale yellowish. Female has much shorter tail and has typical pattern (mainly olive-green above, yellower below, with a greyish hood) of females in its genus, but orange tinge to tail is unique. Female most closely resembles female Green-tailed Sunbird A. nipalensis, but has orangeish, almost square tail, not white-tipped, olive, and tapering like Green-tailed. Male eclipse like female but with scarlet-orange tail, brighter yellow rump, and often orange wash on upper breast. BARE PARTS Bill, feet black. VOICE Rapid, tuneless twitter. — Craig Brelsford

THE SUNBIRDS OF CHINA has research on all 13 species in the family Nectariniidae in China. Click any link below:

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Daniel Bengtsson served as chief ornithological consultant for Craig Brelsford’s Photographic Field Guide to the Birds of China, from which this species description is drawn.

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