Reeves’s Muntjac

Reeves’s Muntjac
Formosan Muntjac Muntiacus reevesi micrurus, ssp. of Reeves’s Muntjac, Dasyueshan National Recreation Area (24.271137, 121.026422), Taiwan, elev. 2550 m (8,360 ft.), February. Endemic to Taiwan, Formosan Muntjac is darker than the mainland ssp. Reeves’s Muntjac occurs also in southern China, including Hainan Island. (Craig Brelsford)


Japanese Cedar

Hairy-fronted Muntjac at Tianmushan: Birding the primeval forest at Tianmushan, Zhejiang, Steven Bonta meets one of the rarest deer in the world, the secretive Hairy-fronted Muntjac Muntiacus crinifrons.

Gongshan Muntjac

Gongshan Muntjac Research Page: See photos and hear sound-recording of Gongshan Muntjac Muntiacus gongshanensis, a poorly understood Himalayan barking deer.

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