Striated Grassbird

Striated Grassbird
Striated Grassbird Megalurus palustris toklao, Nabang (24.749340, 97.556323), Yunnan, China, elev. 230 m (750 ft.), January. Striated Grassbird is a strikingly large, babbler-like warbler with a long, pointed tail and brown back streaked black. In China, toklao resident southeast Tibet to Yunnan and southern Guizhou to Guangxi. Inhabits marshlands and wet grasslands with reeds and other tall vegetation, also edges of cultivation and large gardens near open country. Is adept walker, spending much time on ground feeding on small invertebrates. (Craig Brelsford)
Striated Grassbird
Striated Grassbird often perches conspicuously, especially in the early morning. Nabang (24.749340, 97.556323), Yunnan, January. (Craig Brelsford)
Striated Grassbird
Striated Grassbird perching, Nabang (24.749340, 97.556323), Yunnan, January. (Craig Brelsford)


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