Saxaul Sparrow

Saxaul Sparrow
Saxaul Sparrow Passer ammodendri stoliczkae, juvenile (bottom right) and male, Subei (39.487959, 94.889845), Gansu, China, elev. 2220 m (7,220 ft.), July. Saxaul Sparrow inhabits oases and riverbeds in deserts and semi-deserts from Central Asia to western China and Mongolia. In China, Saxaul Sparrow occurs in Xinjiang, western Gansu, western and central Inner Mongolia, northern Qinghai, and Ningxia. (Craig Brelsford)
Saxaul Sparrow
Female stoliczkae, Subei (39.487959, 94.889845), Gansu, elev. 2220 m (7,220 ft.), July.
Saxaul Sparrow
Male stoliczkae, Jungar Basin (45.959253, 85.534836) Xinjiang, elev. 340 m (1,100 ft.), July. Note black coronal stripe, eyestripe, and chin of male. (Craig Brelsford)

THE OLD WORLD SPARROWS OF CHINA has research on most of the 13 species in the family Passeridae in China. Click any link:

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