Red Avadavat

Red Avadavat
Red Avadavat Amandava amandava flavidiventris, female, Xishuangbanna Prefecture (21.492973, 100.493278), Yunnan, China, elev. 1600 m (5,230 ft.), February. Red Avadavat A. a. flavidiventris occurs in tropical Yunnan, and A. a. punicea is on Hainan. The species has been introduced to various parts of the world, among them Guangdong and Hong Kong. (Craig Brelsford)
Red Avadavat
Red Avadavat A. a. flavidiventris, Xishuangbanna Prefecture (21.492973, 100.493278), Yunnan, elev. 1600 m (5,230 ft.), February. The avadavats here are non-breeding adults except for juvenile far right. (Craig Brelsford)

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