Paddyfield Pipit

paddyfield pipit
稻田鹨 (dào tiánliù)
Anthus rufulus
16 cm

The paddyfield pipit is very similar to the Richard’s pipit in morphology, behavior, and habitat preference. Range extends from Pakistan to Singapore, with nominate race in Yunnan; in grassy habitats, generally drier than Richard’s pipit. Crown and upperparts grey-brown with black streaking (is generally slightly greyer above and has less heavy streaking than Richard’s). Supercilium and lores buffish, but lores may show faintly black (rarely so in Richard’s). Black malar stripe broadens into triangle at base. Throat white; breast and flanks buffy-brown, with streaks on breast usually sparser in paddyfield than in Richard’s. Median and greater coverts have pointy black centers with white or buff fringes. Long tail (slightly shorter than Richard’s) has white edges. Breeding Richard’s pipits in southern China (ssp. sinensis) are even more similar to Blyth’s than northern races. Bill grey above, yellow below; thinner and pointier than bill of Richard’s. Pink legs shorter than Richard’s; hind claw also shorter. Song much like that of Richard’s pipit, but “chep-chep” call distinctive. The Richard’s often hovers before landing (paddyfield rarely hovers). Tawny pipit occurs in China only in Xinjiang and has a black loral stripe and fainter streaking. Blyth’s pipit has more distinct wingbars. Upland pipit occurs almost exclusively on grassy mountainsides, is a stockier bird, and is more heavily streaked above, showing more streaking on flanks and less obvious wing bands. — Craig Brelsford

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Daniel Bengtsson served as chief ornithological consultant for Craig Brelsford’s Photographic Field Guide to the Birds of China, from which this species description is drawn.

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