Long-legged Buzzard

Long-legged Buzzard
Long-legged Buzzard Buteo rufinus rufinus shows considerable color variation, from a light morph to a reddish morph (L) and dark morph (R). Nominate inhabits steppes and semi-deserts from southeast Europe to Xinjiang and western Mongolia. In Xinjiang in July we noted the species on five occasions, four in the Jungar Basin and one in the Altai Mountains. We found the two individuals shown here at Wutubulake Toll Station (46.931100, 86.457300), elev. 1280 m (4,190 ft.). (Craig Brelsford)
Long-legged Buzzard
Long-legged Buzzard, reddish morph, Beishawo (44.374603, 87.881042), Xinjiang, elev. 450 m (1,470 ft.), July. (Craig Brelsford)

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