Craig Brelsford and Elaine Du, Lesser Yangshan Island, Zhejiang, China, 26 Oc. 2014.

About Craig

Shanghai Birding is the creation of Craig Brelsford, an American birder living in Shanghai. Along with his wife, Elaine Du, Craig regularly visits the major birding sites in the Shanghai region. Craig’s and Elaine’s reports on birding in the Shanghai region have broken new ground in the depth of their coverage.

Craig is creating a photographic field guide to the birds of China. He has visited 30 of China’s 33 provincial-level entities, as well as Taiwan, gaining first-hand experience with the avifauna of this megadiverse country and amassing a large collection of photographs. Unless otherwise noted, every photograph on this Web site is Craig’s.

Though Craig’s main area of activity is Shanghai and the Chinese coast, Craig has a strong interest in discovering little-known birding locations in the other regions of China. In July 2015, Craig led a team exploring the Hulunbeier region of Inner Mongolia, and in August 2015 he and Elaine discovered Xidaquan, a large forest reserve in eastern Heilongjiang. In May and June 2016, Craig and Elaine returned to Xidaquan. Craig led a birding team to Qinghai in 2013, and in 2014 he returned, also visiting remote western Gansu. In the summer of 2016, Craig returned yet again to Qinghai, this time with Elaine. In June 2014, Craig became one of the first birders to visit the Dulong Gorge in remote northwestern Yunnan. In February 2016, he and Elaine returned to Dulong.

Craig’s work as a photographer has been recognized by, which named Craig co-photographer of the year in 2012. Craig has been the subject of various newspaper articles on birding. In 2015, Craig was named product ambassador by Manfrotto.

As well as birding, Craig is passionate about language. A fluent speaker of Mandarin, Craig is a student of the Chinese language at the Shanghai University of Engineering Sciences. Craig followed up an award-winning career as a journalist in the United States with the creation of and, translation businesses serving the Netherlands and Germany.

Elaine Du’s Chinese name is Dù Lián Róng (杜连荣). Elaine is from Heilongjiang and has a master’s degree in food science and engineering from the Harbin Institute of Technology.

Photo: Craig Brelsford and Elaine Du, Lesser Yangshan Island, Zhejiang, China.

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